Hello Madly fans, I hope you have been enjoying the recent hot weather… makes a pleasant change for it to be so good over a bank holiday!

Talking of change, there has been some noteable changes of late in the Madly camp.

Firstly we brought in our new guitarist, Mr Steve Mosby. Steve brings with him talent in abundance and Ian first met him playing with the Emmerdale band back in 2012, so it’s taken him this long to get him in his band! Steve also has his own originals band, Strangers in paradise who are well worth a watch if you get the opportunity.

The next change is a bit more of a downbeat one as our Bass player, Dave has decided to step down from what is becoming a very busy schedule as he plans to spend more time with his family and his imminent grandchild that will be with us in June. We thank Dave for all his commitment, enthusiasm, skill and just generally being a bloody nice bloke…… he will be sorely missed.

So watch out for an announcement soon as we welcome our new bass player to the Madly family…….

We have some really exciting gigs coming up, we play The Cavern on the 28th May,  United in Music2 on the 2nd of June and then a very special one which we can’t tell you about until after the event where we will share some photos with you in a very special village 😉

Take care and speak soon

Much love Ian xx