It seemed inevitable but still disappointing as we received notification from each venue to inform us that the gig had to be cancelled. This included pub gigs, weddings, annual dinner/dance, festivals and everything in-between.
Obviously the safety and well being of everyone is far more important but it still feels horrible!
So what have sister Madly been doing through the lockdown?
On a social side, we have had a band quiz every Monday night for the past 7 weeks and this has been one of the highlights of the week where we can talk, laugh and catch up with each other, it really has been lovely. We even had a inter band quiz with Copowt, the Mix and The Superlicks which was great fun (and Sister Madly won!!)
Musically , Marie and myself have done 4 live lounge sessions including one where we raised £600 for York Against Cancer. I find these nerve wracking, as there is no immediate response and it just feels weird.
We also did a band song – Mama Mia , which was great fun and put together, quite brilliantly, by Sam Johnson, our other keyboard player. This received airplay on YO1 radio and has currently had over 2600 views.
Gaz, Phil and Steve have all done some brilliant videos of themselves covering songs/solos and funky bass lines and these have been well received and a great showcase for the talent of our musicians in the band as well as our fab ladies.
Jo has been really busy singing with YSM, her theatre group, and they have produced some truly exceptional videos with the most amazing songs and singers, they are a joy to listen to.
And I have written a jingle for YO1 Radio featuring Jo, Marie with myself and Sam, who made it sound fabulous and is now on the radio every weekday at 6 am introducing the breakfast show. Im really pleased with this and will see if we can share it to the website.
Im also busy preparing the next York Rocks Against Cancer which has the provisional date of August 14th 2021, so get this date in your diary as it promises to be the best show yet !!
And most importantly, we are all well and looking forward to when this is all over and we can get out and start playing again.
We hope you are all safe and well and you all take of yourselves and each other.
Much love
Ian (Surge)