Sister Madly assign a set number of gigs a year to play free of charge for some amazing charities.

How do we do this? By treating it as a normal paid gig, but our fee is the satisfaction that we are supporting a worthy cause and giving something back. It is also an opportunity for us to play to people or at venues that we would not normally perform at so good things have come out of this for us.

Ian is the drive behind the band and he has such a big heart to support charity events, so do the other 7 members of the band. Marie has even trekked across Cuba for charity (we think she is crazy too)

Ian has supported York Against Cancer for a number of years now, he has raised in excess of £70,000 by putting on amazing events such as York Rocks Against Cancer, York Musicals Against Cancer and York Sings Country Against Cancer. He puts in his time, creates a team to help him, gets celebrities to host some of the events, rallies all the bands up around York and surrounding areas to play the event all for FREE. Not to mention to sell the tickets and get sponsors for these events. The time it takes out of Ian’s life to pull off these amazing events is unbelievable and he managed to get over 800+ people to York Rocks Against Cancer 2018 to enjoy a night filled with fabulous music. Watch out for 2019………….

Sister Madly always support Ian with these events and play as a band, become a amazing house band that include approximately 17 people. Some of the band members helped all day from about 10am getting things ready for the evening and then they also commit to extra rehearsals to learn new songs for the event this is all in their own time and for free.

Sadly, as a band we have put a cap on how many charity events we play in a year as we get asked to play a lot all around Yorkshire. It is a honour to be asked to play to help raise money for charity and we would love all our gigs to be charity events but it just isn’t possible unfortunately. So we book these as a first ask basis so any inspiration for 2019 don’t forget to send us your enquires.

This Year has seen Sister Madly Support:
York Against Cancer via York Rocks
Autism Awareness via Ainsty Rocks
York Agaisnt Cancer via United in Music 2

In September we are playing Let Diversity Shine at the Acorn Rugby Club on the 2nd September and tickets are now on sale for this amazing event so don’t miss out on a fantastic family day….