So who is it behind the status updates, the tweets, the website uploads, the video edits but more importantly who is Ian’s PA………

Some of you will know and a lot of you won’t know that the person behind the social media for Sister Madly is our drummers wife Nicola Stirk.

A qualified management accountant Nicola works part time in her “real” job with juggling work and been mummy to 20month old Riley. In her free time she then manages the band diary, coordinating the holidays and gigs for us all, she takes bookings for gigs and keeps all our social media and website up to date.

As well as our social media she also posts for a restaurant back in her home town Huddersfield too. We are pretty sure they won’t be as demanding as a band almost as big as the band earth, wind and fire to coordinate.

It’s a standing joke now that Nicola has become Ian’s PA, they are complete partners in crime when it comes to the band.

Nicola doesn’t get to come to many of our gigs anymore with having Riley, but she 100% supports Chris in his drumming and supports the band in all they do.

This year Nicola helped Ian with some of the York Rocks Against Cancer prep, and this is something she loves. We have a little feeling she qualified in the wrong sector and should be in the Marketing, PR and Event Management side of things.

She sometimes makes it to our rehearsal because Riley absolutely loves the band and all the members in it. He try’s to play Steve’s guitar or his dads drums, he definitely seems to enjoy music as much as the rest of the band.

If your lucky enough to see Nicola at one of our gigs say hi, you have probably talked to her on Sister Madly’s social media without even knowing.